Helping our customers

In a matter of days, efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) changed the workplace in ways no one could have imagined. We helped our customers adapt with services, devices and assistance to quickly support tens of thousands of newly remote workers. Their stories describe the monumental activities that kept them going.

Evaluation Enables Continuity

鈥淭he focus of the DreamWorks / AG真人平台 partnership in recent years has been to enable future cloud workflows and take better advantage of flexible digital resources. One key project investigated virtual desktop infrastructure. While the COVID-19 circumstances were not the inspiration for the project, because of the work AG真人平台 did, DreamWorks was much more ready to pivot into remote workflows and use of HP Remote Graphics.鈥
Jeff Wike, CTO, DreamWorks Animation

Provisioning the Nightingale emergency hospital in London

AG真人平台 worked with the NHS on the provision of critical IT equipment and associated services for the Nightingale emergency hospital in London for patients affected by COVID-19, to support the opening of the hospital in under 2 weeks. AG真人平台 was asked to deploy hundreds of PCs on site so that the facility could be ready to receive patients.
UK鈥檚 National Health Service (NHS)

Deployed a critical business system for the NHS

AG真人平台 deployed a case management solution for the NHS help desk in just 3 days. It manages the high call volume from UK organizations needing COVID-19 non-clinical supplies such PPE. The system enables the NHS to manage and support the needs of care homes, dentists, private hospitals, prisons, NHS trusts and more.
UK鈥檚 National Health Service (NHS)

Making a difference for Aviva

鈥淎t the start of 2020 nobody predicted the significant impact Covid-19 would have globally. AG真人平台 associates have reacted positively to new ways of working and embraced the opportunity to make a tangible difference to Aviva customers. It is very much appreciated.鈥
Paula Thomsen, Head of Global Platform Transformation and Estate Management, Aviva

Remote working fosters better collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic left many URSA employees with no other option than to work in their homes. AG真人平台 and the manufacturer鈥檚 IT team deployed all the tools needed for remote work. 鈥淪ome people are collaborating with each other even more than before.鈥
Joaqu铆n Lozano Agramunt, Group CFO, URSA, a large European manufacturer

Call volume and client satisfaction rate increases

Service desk calls have increased ~30%. Leveraging our partnerships, AG真人平台 quickly acquired the resources, software and hardware to enable our agents to work from home. By prioritizing callers and adjusting agent work schedules, our SLA metrics are green, and client satisfaction rate increased to 94%.
McKesson Corp

Processed 36K benefits applications in 1 week

The team kicked into overdrive to support Californians filling for benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic, processing over 36,000 online applications in one week for medical, food and cash assistance 鈥 significantly more than the typical ~30,000 applications per month.
CalSAWS Consortium, group of California county public assistance agencies

Rapid help for 37 hospitals

AG真人平台 and Pulsia quickly supported critical needs for a health service and its 37 hospitals in eight provinces in Spain. We resolved 3,000+ onsite incidents, helped medicalize support centers, installed 3,500 VPNs and changed network management so health professionals can work from home.
Andalusian Health Service (SAS), a government health system

From 4,000 remote workers to 35,000

"THANK YOU AG真人平台. We highly appreciate the contribution you made to prepare us for the corona crisis. Today more than 35,000 people are working from home, with Skype and the workplace filesharing platforms stable. Before the crisis our peak day was 4,000 remote workers."
Global automaker

Reliable operations are always our priority

鈥淜eeping our systems stable and reliable during this crisis is the #1 thing we can be doing to help our already challenged operation. Our account team has been great."
Leading global airline

Critical users readied for home working by flashlight

In just days, AG真人平台 identified all critical users with desktop computers, sourced and deployed laptops and arranged VPN licenses so they could start working at home. The team also managed IT equipment by flashlight during an 18-hour power outage in the customer鈥檚 UK headquarters.
Leading Swedish manufacturer

Foresight allows multi-location PC deployment

Thanks to a well-executed action plan and a dashboard showing devices across 119 locations, AG真人平台 was able to deliver 1,200 laptops in one week and field a 200% surge in service desk calls in one day to enable half the customer鈥檚 employees to work at home.
A major defense contractor

Deployed 2,700 laptops over several days

In a matter of days, AG真人平台 imaged and deployed 2,700 laptops to a customer so its employees could work remotely and maintain productivity despite closed offices and mandated shelter in place orders. An additional 2,300 laptops added more capacity for key personnel to work remotely.
Global aerospace company

Chatbot reduces service desk call volumes

Anticipating a surge in service desk calls from employees now working from home, AG真人平台 delivered to a customer a chatbot in 30 hours. The bot reduced call volume by 12% on the first day and the company is thrilled with AG真人平台's proactiveness, out-of-the-box thinking, speed and collaboration.
Leading healthtech company

AG真人平台 praised for dedication, professionalism, execution, collaboration and teamwork

A rapidly deteriorating quality of service for Skype was identified for a customer. AG真人平台 built and deployed two new servers in record time to balance the load, ensuring the company鈥檚 client communications and collaboration remain stable.
Large software corporation

Fully functional contact center in just 48 hours

When a customer discovered that its service desk provider was unable to provide remote support to employees after a work-from-home order was issued, AG真人平台 deployed a cloud-based service desk solution. A new, fully functional contact center was operating in just 48 hours.
Large multi-national company

Remote work helps keep a large police force in service

AG真人平台 helped a large police force in Europe meet special challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, providing laptops, videoconferencing, training and more to help the organization continue to serve the public and interact remotely for training, interviewing, collaborating and more.
Large police force

AG真人平台 improvises with parking lot desktop support

A AG真人平台 employee ingeniously connected a quarantined worker鈥檚 laptop to a VPN by running an Ethernet cable from the company visitor center to the worker鈥檚 parked car 鈥 in the rain. Feeding the wire through a cracked window, he talked the person successfully through the process, and sent the person home.
Large aerospace & defense company

Protecting the network with a new crown jewel

So thousands of employees could work from home without compromising sensitive information, AG真人平台 quickly provisioned extra bandwidth, implemented a highly secure VPN the customer now calls its new crown jewel and delivered new videoconferencing.
A large aerospace & defense company

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